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Monday, December 18, 2006

holiday fun

PWAC-Quebec Chapter President Craig Silverman has published a listing of 2006's greatest media errors and corrections (called The Crunks) on his very entertaining website Regret The Error.

Here's a holiday baking tip from The Crunks:

From the Daily Press of Newport News, Virginia:

A correction in this column Thursday about a June 14 Taste section recipe for French coconut pie incorrectly suggested that the recipe called for a pint of vodka. The accompanying recipe for homemade vanilla extract uses the vodka. The pie recipe then calls for one tablespoon of extract. Here’s the corrected recipe for vanilla extract, adapted from Lacy Smith’s "Sugar Daddy’s Treats”: Drop one vanilla bean in a one-pint bottle of vodka, and six months later, you have vanilla extract.

and not unrelated...

From The Oregonian:

A headline on Page One on Saturday should have made clear that Oregon Health & Science University will be studying the effects of meth, not cooking it.

The Crunks has been mentioned and/or linked to by many media outlets across North America, and Mr. Silverman appeared this morning on CBC Radio's The Current, reading a selection of his favorite 2006 media errors.


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