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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Promising New Year

Happy New Year to all PWAC blog readers. We start 2007 off with a bang:

The Canadian Magazines blog has proposed a New Year's resolution for the entire Canadian magazine industry -- raise the rates for freelance writing.

Read all about it here.

Thanks once again to D.B. Scott over at Canadian Magazines for championing the rates issue. Our two blogs referred to each other and linked up often in 2006, setting up an unprecedented dialogue between the writing and publishing corners of the industry. Here's hoping for much more of that in 2007!

And please note -- PWAC's blog will very soon be switching to a new format. At the launch of PWAC's brand new website, this blog will be incorporated fully into the PWAC homepage, and will look significantly different. Keep an eye out for the switch and follow us to our new look and location. We'll give you plenty of warning and we'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs.


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